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Organisational culture: a barrier to digital transformation?
Innovation experts say a key challenge, when moving forward on digital transformation initiatives is changing organisational culture to support the adoption of digital technology.
In a recent Chasm Digital webinar, Get future-fit: Leverage the power of digital to transform your business, or re-invent all together, business leaders from various sectors discussed how organisations can leverage the power of digital to transform and reinvent their businesses.

The panellists included:

  • Libby Roberts, Founder, LeapForward
  • Robert Kinkade, Co-Founder, CEO, Chasm Digital
  • Paul Smitton, Director, Customer Lifestyle, Cathay Pacific Airways
  • Vijay Solanki, Co-Founder and CEO, ParentalEQ

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Impact of culture on systems and processes
Vijay Solanki, Co-Founder and CEO of educational app ParentalEQ says, "Culture, mindset and leadership shapes systems and processes no matter what size business you work in."

Corporations are lucky to have a multitude of resources to launch a new idea. However, if you work in a startup, a good idea can sometimes be left as just a good idea. While you may not have all the resources to fully form your product, getting it out into the market is necessary, Vijay explains.

"Startups have limited choices when positioning ideas to management. However, this tests the strength of the proposition. If the proposition is good and the problem you're solving is strong, people will still like that product and pay for it, even if the UX and the experience aren't amazing yet," Vijay says.

Robert Kinkade, CEO and Co-Founder of Chasm Digital adds businesses are still failing to understand the 'customer first' mindset.

"Many companies that are struggling have that inside-out approach as opposed to outside-in. If you can tune in on what matters to your customers and what they need, it helps to cut through the noise and focus on what matters. In many ways, the customer focus will help make digital transformations and digital initiatives self-funding faster," Robert explains.
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Link efforts to outcomes to empower change
Paul explains that organisations need to make a clear link between the efforts they put in and the outcomes they want.

"You can empower the managers to go and get the resources they need. For example, cross-functional teams, working with an annual business plan and quarterly business reviews, are driving and changing the traditional model. We are developing a startup culture in a big organisation. It's completely doable, whether you're a small, medium, or large enterprise," Paul explains.

Watch Chasm Digital’s webinar, Get future-fit: Leverage the power of digital to transform your business, or re-invent all together free and on demand here.
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